What our clients say

April, 2020

A few months ago, in 2019, I was about to renovate the interior of my apartment, when many of my friends recommended Alexandra to me. I am infinitely glad that I turned to her professional services! Alexandra is an incredibly talented designer, full of wonderful ideas and a delicate taste. She is very attentive to details, recognizes all my needs, keeps in touch and has known exactly how to help me realize dreams in the interior of my home. I highly recommend her services. You will be very satisfied, and your home will gain a new life!

Irina Antonova @Houzz

April, 2020

I’m extremely satisfied with the Alexandra’s job. She had grate ideas , very professional attitude and sweet personality :) I would never be able to remodel those two bathrooms on my own.

Rita Roysental @Houzz

March, 2020

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אלכסנדרה יקרה רצינו להגיד לך תודה רבה. מהתחלה העבודה איתך היתה נעימה ומקצועית. הקשבת

לנו ולרצונות שלנו וביחד עם זה הצעת הרבה רעיונות שהיו נהדרים הרבה יותר משלנו. תודה שהיית רגועה ומרגיעה, מקצועית ונעימה. הבית לא היה נראה אותו דבר בלעדייך. בנוסף לכל זה הגיע הסטייג׳ינג אתמול. הגעת עם כל החברות המקצועיות שלך והפכתם את הבית למקום חמים ונעים כמו שבית יכול וצריך להיות. הבאתם פריטים נהדרים  והכנסתם אווירה של חיים לבית. תודה רבה לך על הכל

Erika and Shimon  

June 26, 2019

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Hiring Alexandra was the best decision we made when decorating our new home. She is a pleasure to work with, has great taste, is highly organized and her attention to detail is most impressive. She redesigned our entire upstairs, along with customizing details throughout. In addition, she added countless features we didn't even know we needed and helped us with absolutely everything. She did an outstanding job!

Sergey Stelmakh @linkedin

May 8, 2019


We hired Alexandra for a short-term project to redesign our new apartment. The apartment was large but the internal spaces planning did not match our needs and we were looking for a change. Alexandra came up with multiple creative ideas we did not even think were possible. After we had made our choice, Alexandra provided detailed sketches extremely fast. She was always open for iterations in cases we asked to provide several design options, and her patience was endless. Besides, she is a very nice person to work with - always very friendly, positive and responsive. Always on time and with a smile. I highly recommend her work if you wish to build your dream home and need someone to help you to make your dream true.

Marina Rogachov @linkedin

May 3, 2019

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Alexandra is very talented, highly professional and skilled designer. Great taste and creative ideas are generated constantly. She is also very reliable and responsible, always adjusts to time and budget limitations. She is doing fantastic job on our home remodeling project. Produced set of architectural drawings, that were accepted on the spot by city building department, no typical going back-and-forth getting permits. I highly recommend Alexandra for any interior design projects.

Alexander Livitz @linkedin

April 15, 2019

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From the very start I was on the fence about hiring a designer for our new home. However, after starting to think about it on my own I felt completely overwhelmed and knew I needed help. A lot of it!
Designing a house you have to make thousands of decisions, big and small, that all influence the final picture. Starting with the wall color, on to kitchen functionality and down to picking the right accent to put on your coffee table. You can't imagine how many doubts have been resolved, how many potential
sleepless nights avoided with the help of our wonderful designer!
Alexandra is tactful, patient and uber-proffessional! Her support have allowed me to be brave and try things I've dreamed of (like my dramatic dark blue accent wall that I love!). She has followed my style of choice, bringing out the best in every room, taking into account all my limitations and concerns, piecing together my dream home.
My house is alive, I have kids and laundry and nothing is ever frozen in perfection but every day as I walk around, I see how beautiful it is. Drapes, that are just right, furniture arrangement that works wonderfully, art and live plants on my walls that make me smile in peace every time I look on them - it all works together to bring me quality of life, to cheer me up when I am feeling down, to energize me every morning and help relax every evening.
I highly recommend Alexandra, she knows it all about high style and luxurious design and at the same time she's easy to talk with about small practical things of everyday life. She was a joy to work with both personally and professionally.

Olga Minaeva @facebook

December 18, 2018

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Half a year after the reconstruction had been finished and I have a time to write my feedback and express a great gratitude to Alexandra - our designer.
First of all I gave to admit I was very afraid to begin with the reconstruction and delayed despite it was already 10 years since we bought the apartment. All those trips to various shopping centers, the "acclaimed" Israeli service etc.
People around me also didn't add much optimism, scaring me with a designer and the project we will not feel comfortable to live in afterward and everything will be in a way not we like. But the biggest problem was with me and my husband not knowing what we really want. And less for our adolescent son.
What we did know it’s a time to begin. And during the very first meeting with Alexandra we understood it's OK. We did no mistake. She were understanding us from the very beginning, she were leading the way and made us familiar with many different opportunities with a great patience. Alexandra paid attention to all of our opinions, spent a lot of time discussing the process with every participant.
First we took some time for preparations and the actual reconstruction took only three weeks and out apartment became a sweet and charming family home, exactly as we wanted. Little sorry not all of our dreams come true but only because of a limited budget. But now we do know what we really want and who may help us to move.
Our son said: "Reward Alexandra with five stars". And I consider the result as a full success.
We're wishing you more good clients around the world and lot of success.
Thank you very much!

Anna Simuni @facebook

March, 2018

We recently moved into a new house and I used Alexandra's help in selecting the colors for the interier design. She was very helpful and professional providing consultation on interior color selection. She totally understaood what I wanted my home to feel like and helped translate it into a color palette. She helped selecting the colors that made my home look amazing. Despite being remote, working with her was very easy. I highly recommend Alexandra as a interior color consultant.

Maria Svoisky @houzz 

February, 2017

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Ремонт - это хуже пожара. всем известная пословица  :)

Когда мы решили делать ремонт в новой квартире, в моих глазах стоял ужас ужасный от воспоминаний о предыдущем ремонте в предыдущей квартире: все эти бесконечные походы по магазинам, попытки сочетать цвета и фактуры, планировать свет и розетки. Каждый раз, когда муж говорил "да, выбери ты уже", я вздрагивала и съеживалась.

Поэтому с самого первого дня мы решили не травмировать себе нервную систему и взять в помощь профессионала.

Тут еще нужно отметить, что муж мой профессиональный строитель. С 18 лет он работал в хай-энд строительстве, и ему не так-то просто угодить. Каждого архитектора и дизайнера он подвергает тщательному профессиональному допросу.

Надо ли говорить, что Александра прошла эту проверку с наивысшем балом и на последующие 2 года стала нашим "спасителем" от рутины ремонта.

Легкая, терпеливая, всегда готовая ответить на любые вопросы, профессионал и очень приятный человек, она организовала наш новый дом так, что каждая мелочь, каждая деталь, начиная от светильника и розетки, и заканчивая полочками и ящиками в гардеробе и на кухне, оказалась на своем месте и в прямом смысле этого слова "под рукой"! Отопление, теплый пол, выбор и доставка мебели из Европы - все это с ее легкой руки превратилось в приятное приключение.

Каждый день, просыпаясь в своей квартире, я благодарю Сашу за уют и комфорт, который она подарила нашему семейному очагу.

Смело рекомендую: не ищите - вы уже нашли самого лучшего, высокопрофессионального дизайнера и архитектора, который смог удовлетворить даже взыскательный вкус моего мужа  :) Легкого вам ремонта с Сашиной помощью!

Katya Medushkina @facebook

October 14, 2017

Alexandra is an expert in making your dreams come true. It just works: you tell her your dream and she makes it happen!

Dara Belle Soars @facebook

September, 2016

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Мы живем в новой квартире уже 3 месяца, и чем больше проходит времени, тем больше ценим ее красоту и практичность для жизни семьи с детьми. Итак- много благодарностей !
Alexandra Diz -автор и дизайнер проекта (+у нас был и авторский надзор над всеми работами от А до Я) провела с нами очень большую работу, в результате которой воплотились 3 главные цели, поставленные нами в начале пути
1. продуманный и красивый лофт
2. максимальное удобство для жизни семьи с 3 маленькими детьми-каждая полочка и шкаф на своем месте, все потребности и пожелания 2 девочек и мальчика 3-8 лет и их родителей учтены.
3. выдержанны рамки запланированного бюджета. Саша приложила много усилий, чтобы помочь нам воплотить все идеи и остаться " в бюджете", а это профессионализм и уважение к клиенту высшего класса, в моих глазах.
Исполнители проекта -
*Йоси Копрак, который по Сашиным чертежам построил изумительную открытую галлерию
Супер-команда LeonArt Lev Gurevich - которые сделали для нас все работы по дереву- кухня, пинат охель, большая библиотека на втором этаже и детская мисхакия, удобные шкафы в салоне и под лестницей и конечно же, деревянные ступеньки (моя давняя мечта), все очень качественно и оченьььььь красиво.
Огромное спасибо всем!

Vika Shteiman @facebook

December 19, 2010

Alexadra has just recieved her architectural diplama and we had the pleasure of employing her for several months. I found her work valuble creative. Her drawing skills are exertional.

Yuval Baer - Partner at YBGSNA - Architecture & Urban Design @linkedin