Walnut Creek, California

Alexandra is very talented, highly professional and skilled designer. Great taste and creative ideas are generated constantly. She is also very reliable and responsible, always adjusts to time and budget limitations. She is doing fantastic job on our home remodeling project. Produced set of architectural drawings, that were accepted on the spot by city building department, no typical going back-and-forth getting permits. I highly recommend Alexandra for any interior design projects.


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Work Process
Working Drawings
3D Visualizations
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3D Visualizations

Work Process

The simplest things are often the truest.

It`s a good way to use minimalistic design, pure lines, fresh colours.

So it's good field to playing with expressive decoration. For a fantasy mood and new inspiration.

I created this interior in very calm palette, very funcltional and at the same time very inviting and relaxing. This is the atmosphere that I felt in this house from the first initial consultation, and we kept it through all the process of remodeling.

 Clients review.
 “Hi this is my home. I bought it 5 years ago. And we want to do completely remodeling, to make it more up to time. 
Alexandra like professional was great in work. She is very talented. "

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