Work Process

Phase I


We start with an initial meeting with our client and the space that will be transformed. We talk about your design preferences, make photos and measurements. Based on what we learned, we create a design proposal that covers several arrangement options, layout plans “before and after”, and schematic 3D perspective drawings.

Proposals are working documents that can be modified, and our goal is to create the space that will be comfortable and meet all your desires and expectations. So we will together discuss all proposed options, analyzing the pros and cons of each option. As a result of Phase I we will have the final plan that will work just for you.

Phase II


After the interior design proposal is approved, we start work on construction documentation, which includes building plans, electric, light and plumbing plans, elevations and kitchen planning. 

Receiving permits for construction takes some time, but it is an indispensable step of the process, so the whole team works hard to make it happen.

We do high quality 3D renderings which combine all material and design ideas together.

Phase III


When the whole picture of the design has come together, we review the finishes, fabrics, and colors with the client on-site. 

After we get the client’s approval on all selections, we put together detailed shopping lists, get pricing for all items and create a comprehensive budget.

Designer makes a trip through showrooms with the client. 

Phase IV


During this phase the designer manages all purchasing, receiving and delivery. We work closely with our contractors and vendors during the whole process of logistics and construction work. The designer is on-site regularly to monitor construction progress and ensure quality.

Phase V


This is the most exciting part for our team! When the construction is complete and furniture is installed, it’s time for styling. We make final adjustments and touches, giving the space a finished look.